hjørne solborg



The Solborg® product line is inspired by the english traditions for use of

vertical sliding windows, which is one of the most used window systems in

the world. We developed our version of this window type, when entering the

english market in the 90’ties, and have over the years sold to many projects.


We have developed a unique closing system which result in the sash being

pushed towards the weather strip when the window is closed. This window

is incredible tight and draught is avoided, a problem normally related with

sliding sash windows. Both sashes are closed with an espagnolettes and

lockable handle on the lower frame, and the sashes are held in position with

spring balances. The glass is fitted from the inside, ensuring that the glass

cannot be removed from the outside, and making the design match the style

of all the window types in the vrogum product line.

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